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“LOVEY” is much more than an image applied to a shirt.

Joe Average worked with Vancouver clothing designer Justine Edralin to create a shirt that is a cohesive work of art.

We took great care to ensure that it is highly wearable, and that it reflected how Joe Average envisioned ‘LOVEY’ as a garment.


This 100% cotton shirt is designed to feel luxurious. The weight of the garment is 160 grams per square meter, which offers an ideal balance between the firmness of a business shirt and the lightness of a summer blouse.

We chose 40-40 cotton for its soothing texture and durability. 40-40 means there are 40 threads of cotton both horizontally and vertically per inch of fabric. For a luxury finish, we chose to use the finer 19 stitches per inch rather than the more typical 12.

Most importantly, the image is applied using a reactive digital print. This time consuming process bonds the colour molecules to the cotton fibers, rather than applying it to the surface of the material. This method gives the garment a consistent hand feel, high wash fastness, and breath-ability.


Finally, the image is accented with black embroidery to reinforce Joe Average’s trademark bold outlines. Joe’s signature can be found on the cuff embroidered in white.

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