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When it comes to art and high quality apparel, knockoffs are everywhere.

Protecting your investment

You’ve just purchased a beautiful genuine Joe Average. We have secured LOVEY with an embedded technology underneath Joe Average’s “A” logo located at the back of the shirt under the collar.

This technology ensures that your product is original (authentic), it’s part of a limited edition of 90 (exclusive), and that you are the owner (provenance).

LOVEY is valuable. We highly recommend that you register her.

Registration Process
Your phone must support NFC*.

Download the DEQQ Apparel app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

  1. Launch the app and tap the Scan Garment button.
  2. Now place the phone over Joe Average’s red ‘A’ logo located at the back of LOVEY below the collar.
  3. Once a scan is successful it will take you to a screen with your LOVEY. Click “Claim Item”
  4. You will need to login with your Facebook, Google or Apple account IDs.
  5. Once login is complete you will need to click “Claim Item” once again and LOVEY will now be registered and appear in the “closet” section of the app.

* For a list of NFC supported phones please visit:

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