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About DEQQ

DEQQ Apparel is an artist-led fashion brand bringing art out of galleries and into our everyday lives.

We believe in the value of art. Art can challenge and change our perceptions and perspectives. It can open our minds and even alter how we experience life and each other. Through fashion, DEQQ can help bring art to our everyday lives.*

"We believe clothing is not disposable. It should be made to last and from materials that can be repaired after use. A garment should have value even after fashion trends change. "

Unlike fashion brands, DEQQ Apparel does not license art. Instead, DEQQ Apparel is art. It is led by the artists themselves in collaboration with our team of professional garment technicians and fashion designers. Together they create new original works of art for us to enjoy and wear.

DEQQ Apparel garments are sold under the artist’s brand. It is their art after all! Each garment comes with embedded technology indicating the authenticity and rarity of the garment (i.e. this is #63 of 200).

"Art should make us feel more clearly and more intelligently. It should give us coherent sensations that we otherwise would not have had. But the price of a work of art is now part of its function, it’s new job is to sit on the wall and get more expensive. Instead of being the common property of humankind the way a book is. Suppose that every worthwhile book in the world cost $1million - imagine what a catastrophic effect on culture that would have."

Robert Hughes

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