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"LOVEY" is Joe Average's first limited edition artwork in over 20 years!

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A first in over 20 years!


“LOVEY” is a sketch I did in the 90’s that never made it to canvas. She has never been a painting or a print but she is now a fabulous shirt!”
- Joe Average

Joe Average is a beloved Canadian pop artist and advocate for the LGBTQIA2S+ community. In 1984, he was diagnosed with HIV, prompting him to put his aspirations into action by making a living from his artwork. Using vivid colours and bold lines as structural elements, Joe created highly stylized paintings. Joe has lent his name and art to many social and humanitarian causes in Canada and has received countless awards and citations for his philanthropic work. In 2019 Joe was commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mint to design a coin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

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Classic Joe Average Art, Protected By Innovative Technology

We understand that clothing is the most counterfeited consumer good in the world. To protect your investment, “LOVEY” comes with an embedded technology to verify the art’s authenticity, exclusivity, and provenance. Located inside Joe Average’s red ‘A’ logo, all the owner has to do is tap their smartphone to the shirt to authenticate it as a genuine Joe Average!

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The Box

Shipped in Custom Engraved Handmade Box

David Gratton, the founder of DEQQ Apparel, loves unboxing new Apple products.


"It also wracks me with guilt after. I’m loath to throw out the box it comes in. It feels so wasteful. I don’t want to be part of something like that. Our box is strong, beautiful, durable and supports many uses. I have mine in the living room filled with Polaroids of my family and friends.”
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"LOVEY" is shipped in a beautiful box designed by our friends over at ChopValue. Each box is individually handcrafted from recycled chopsticks sourced from restaurants around Vancouver. It is polished to a satin finish and then custom engraved for you.

Environmental fact: Each box is crafted from 969 recycled chopsticks, storing 1446.7g of carbon.

The engraving includes the name of the art work (“LOVEY”), the year of creation, your edition number (i.e. 63/90), and the city where you reside. We are certain you will love this box as much as we do, and find many uses for the box.

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